About my experiences of staying in the historic Varanasi, and turning the trip to workation, while exploring the rich heritage of the city everyday.
My thoughts on Doctor, Spectre, Better Call Saul, and Nootokka Jillala Andagadu
October review - Little Things, Avatar, Aamis, and more.
Monthly review: September’21 - Love Story, Piku, The Usual Suspects, No one killed Jessica & more
Sekhar's honest storytelling strikes a chord with the audience, and the actors shine in their roles.
Here are my thoughts and the notes from the book on Naval.
Highlighted notes and excerpts from the book "Let's Write a Short Story!" by Joe Bunting
Music, for me, has been primarily songs from films. I’m not into listening to classical/western classical music pieces. Though I usually don’t pay…
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